Our strength is trusting each other
Koinos Group is an engineering-first company led by battle-hardened blockchain veterans with unrivaled experience as core developers and architects of the Bitshares and Steem blockchains, two of the most used blockchains ever. It was through our firsthand experience working with some of the most performant blockchains, and their shortcomings, that we learned about the most serious problems facing the mass adoption of this technology. This knowledge has enabled us to improve on these older technologies and build something better and faster.

Andrew Levine


  • Founder of GiverHub
  • Former Head of Communications at Steemit

Michael Vandeberg

Blockchain Architect

  • Former Senior Blockchain Engineer at Steemit, architect of MIRA


Blockchain Architect

  • Co-Creator of DPoS and the Steem blockchain

Steve Gerbino

Blockchain Architect

  • Former blockchain engineer at Steemit. Senior Software Engineer in Fintech

Nathaniel Caldwell

Blockchain Architect

  • Former Steemit Blockchain Product Manager. Experience in Biometrics, Nuclear Physics, and Mobile Game Development

Ron Hamenahem

Frontend Engineer

  • Former freelance frontend engineer
  • Early blockchain advocate