Why Koinos?

Koinos is a blockchain with

Hold KOIN, use freely. Simple.
KOINOS (Testnet) is HERE.
Interested in exploring blockchain integration?
Q4 2020
Launch of KOIN as POW mineable on Ethereum
Q1 2021
Complete development of the Koinos blockchain framework
Q2 2021
Test-net launch Ethereum parity
Q4 2021
Main-net Launch
  • Built to be fee-less
  • Scalable thanks to a microservice architecture
  • High performance thanks to RocksDB & WASM
  • Built by industry veterans

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Liquid KOIN ensures proportionate network usage. Need 0.01% of network resources? Hold 0.01% of the liquid token supply. Simple.
Rapid improvement
Microservice architecture
Modular upgradeability
Multi-Language support
Developer & Business Friendly
Free token transfers
Free accounts
Free smart contract execution
Going where no blockchain has gone before.