Koinos is a blockchain with NO FEES

How do we do it? Every Koin contains a property called Mana which automatically regenerates and can be delegated.

modular vs monolithic animation
modular vs monolithic animation

“Koinos is seeking to join the ranks of layer-1 platforms like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano and Polkadot, four of the world’s top tokens by market cap with a joint value of almost $750 billion.”


Latest Blog Posts

Weekly Update, Nov 23rd 2021

Dear friends, A quick recap of the week. After a successful testnet relaunch the engineering team is hard at work completing the Koinos Blockchain Framework. We are also working on some exciting...

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Koinos: Now with Google’s Protobuf!

Koinos is being developed to help everyone take advantage of blockchain technology which is still far too inaccessible. That’s why we’re building Koinos with a focus on...

Koinos CLI Wallet: Smart Contracts!

We are excited to announce the release of the Koinos command line wallet (or “CLI”)! CLI wallets are important for several reasons, but they are often difficult for ordinary people to use....

Introducing the EASY FORK [testnet update]

The Koinos testnet recently went live, on schedule and we’re happy to say that the release went very smoothly. Almost too smoothly! Developers are already digging into the code...

Koinos Testnet: LIVE!

We are proud to announce the beginning of the next wave of evolution in blockchain technology with the release of the Koinos testnet! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tih9UkIXWII Blockchain Building...


This article was originally posted to Hackernoon. I’m Andrew Levine, CEO of Koinos Group, and today I have a super exciting announcement that is the culmination of many months of hard work by...

Open Sourcing Koinos Microservices

This article was originally posted to HackerNoon on March 16th, 2021. I’m Andrew Levine, CEO of Koinos Group, creators of the Koinos blockchain, the first blockchain that will be...

The Future of Digital Ownership: NFTs & Virtual Reality

In this episode of the Koinos Group podcast I interviewed Tim Copeland, a journalist at Decrypt whose mission is to demystify the decentralized web. Tim has interviewed Vitalik Buterin, Changpeng...

Dan Larimer’s ClarionOS: What is it?

In the following video I share my thoughts on Dan Larimer’s recent announcement of ClarionOS. Dan started the company Steemit, Inc. which is where my Koinos Group co-founders and I worked before...

Layer 0:

The Koinos Blockchain Framework
Build insanely great blockchains faster, easier, and more profitably 

koinos blockchain diagram
trinity illustration

The Ultimate Layer 1

Koinos Mainnet


No barriers for USERS

  • Free accounts
  • Free transfers
  • Free smart contracts

No barriers for DEVELOPERS

  • Architected with a focus on UNIVERSAL-language support for smart contracts, microservices, and client libraries 

No barriers to UPGRADES

  • No more hard forks!

Mana Fee-Less System

Now LIVE on testnet!

    Liquid KOIN gives users regenerating mana for:

    • free accounts,
    • free transfers, and
    • free smart contracts
    mana illusrtation


    The Team

    Built by one of the most experienced blockchain development teams in the world

    Andrew picture

    andrew levine


    JD Villanova School of Law

    6 years blockchain experience as Head of Communications at Steemit


    Michael picture

    Michael VAndeberg

    Blockchain Architect

    7 years blockchain experience 

    Former Senior Blockchain Engineer at Steemit


    Steve picture

    Steve Gerbino

    Blockchain Architect

    6 years FinTech experience

    4 years blockchain experience


    Nathan picture

    Nathaniel Caldwell

    Blockchain Architect

    4 years blockchain experience

    Experience in Nuclear Physics 

    and Biometrics

    Ron picture

    Ron Hamenahem

    Head of Design

    Entrepreneur with 13 years experience

    in Design and  Information Technology 


    Considering blockchain integration?