Dear friends, A quick recap of the week.

After a successful testnet relaunch the engineering team is hard at work completing the Koinos Blockchain Framework. We are also working on some exciting announcements coming in the very near future so stay tuned!

Engineering update

Updates for v0.3.0 (Not released yet):

Developers can now upload their contract ABI along with the contract bytecode. The ABI will be stored in a new optional microservice, the Contract Meta Store. Currently, the microservice will just store contract ABIs, but could be used in the future to store other contract related metadata. The CLI will pull an ABI from the Contract Meta Store if running behind the endpoint instead of requiring the user to have a copy of the ABI.

Block and Transactions now have receipts. The receipts return valuable information on the processing of blocks and transactions along with contract emitted events that can be used for account history. Events can also be subscribed to from user-created microservices enabling seamless integration between smart contracts and contract tooling.

Replacement of MIRA. MIRA was a technology developed by Steemit for the Steem blockchain which wrapped RocksDB in a multi index container (the base data structure for Steem). Koinos uses a key value store and was implementing a key value store on top of MIRA for initial ease of development. However, RocksDB is a key value store as well, so Koinos was going from key value to multi index back to key value. We have removed the intermediary conversion and the entire database is now based on key value stores.

Community update

We got some unexpected attention in the form of a very favorable VORTECS result highlighted in this tweet AND a Cointelegraph article comparing our beloved blockchain with the very famous Shiba Inu. We’re sure you know what the result was. 

Our little family is growing! In the last week our telegram group saw an additional 800+ users, Twitter following grew over 80% and our web site saw a whopping 970% increase in new user traffic. 

We are moving forward in the right direction and we couldn’t do it without you so, THANK YOU!

Thank you for your steadfast support — you are truly appreciated.