Built for mass adoption


Koinos doesn’t have fees. Instead every KOIN token contains mana which is consumed when a user transacts and regenerate over time.

Upgradeability & Composability_

Practically everything on Koinos is an upgradeable WASM smart contract which means that any feature (seriously ANY) can be added to the blockchain without a hardfork making it the most upgradeable AND the most composable blockchain EVER.


Koinos is designed from the ground up to leverage WASM to enable developers to use the programming languages they already know and love to write smart contracts and microservices

_Low Cost
& Efficient_

Anyone will be able to run a Koinos node thanks to the use of RocksDB to store all of irreversible state on disc and minimize RAM usage


Koinos is the FIRST blockchain EVER built on a microservice architecture which makes it easier and cheaper to scale dApp infrastructure while working in a developer’s preferred programming language


Koinos will remain small, efficient, and fast because State-Paging will remove old and unused state while preserving the ability to bring that state back to life as if it had never left