The Ultimate Layer 1:

Koinos Mainnet

Build FREE-TO-USE blockchain apps FAST & EASY

layer one

No barriers for

  • Free accounts
  • Free transfers
  • Free smart contracts

No barriers for

  • No fees
  • Universal Language Support



No barriers for

  • Modular upgradability
  • No hard forks!


Accesible Economics


  • Decentralized
  • Efficient
  • Minimal hardware requirements


  • Guaranteed Yield
  • Low effort
  • No hardware requirements


  • Users, Stakers, and Miners all have a say


Every KOIN token contains mana that can be used to perform fee-less transactions and execute fee-less smart contracts without diminishing a user’s token balance

Koinos Blockchain Framework

One of the biggest problems holding back blockchain adoption is how difficult they are to upgrade. In this paper we propose a novel blockchain architecture that is optimized for upgradeability.
cli wallet

The Koinos CLI

Our CLI offers a super pleasurable experience with the power to interact with the Koinos blockchain. Give it a try, we think you’ll love it.

Koinos node

Running A Koinos Node

Our mission is to make the Koinos blockchain as accessible as possible to anyone. That spirit is built right into our Koinos node, download and run a node in minutes.