Koinos is built to be the most accessible blockchain in the world. As such it contains a number of technical innovations which are described in the whitepapers below.

koinos blockchain framework

Part 1 – Mana

Why? Mana is the innovative solution at the heart of Koinos that allows for free accounts, free transfers, and free smart contracts

What? Every KOIN token contains mana that can be used to perform fee-less transactions and execute fee-less smart contracts without diminishing a user’s token balance

How? When a user consumes network resources some of their mana is consumed and the KOIN which contained that mana is temporarily locked

koinos blockchain framework

Part 2 – Koinos Blockchain Framework

Why? The Koinos Blockchain Framework is a new blockchain building technology designed for maximum accessibility

What? The KBF allows developers to build free-to-use decentralized applications using the programming languages they already know and love (Universal Language Support)

How? On Koinos-based blockchains everything from consensus, to staking, to resource management is implemented as a smart contract that can be upgraded by governance without a hard fork

koinos blockchain framework

Part 3 – $KOIN

Why? KOIN was created to serve as a medium of value exchange for a truly decentralized, and truly accessible, blockchain-powered future

What? KOIN was launched “Bitcoin-style” on Ethereum, but will transition to its own blockchain: Koinos mainnet

How? KOIN tokens on mainnet will contain “mana” which will allow the holder to use the network without spending KOIN

koinos blockchain framework

Part 4 – Proof of Burn

Why? Koinos proof-of-burn (KPoB) has greater decentralization than proof-of-work with greater efficiency than proof-of-stake, making it the “holy grail” of consensus algorithms

What? KPoB mimics proof-of-work by forcing aspiring block producers to sacrifice capital up front by “burning” cryptocurrency tokens to acquire virtual mining rig NFTs and then produce valid blocks over time to earn block rewards

How? Because the Koinos miners are entirely virtual, they can be programmed to replicate the user experience of PoW while optimizing for the intended use case of Koinos; hyper-efficiently powering decentralized applications

koinos blockchain framework

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