We are proud to announce the beginning of the next wave of evolution in blockchain technology with the release of the Koinos testnet!

Blockchain Building Technology

This release is the culmination of over a year of challenging and innovative work by the blockchain engineering team who hasn’t just built another blockchain, they’ve invented a whole new way of building blockchains that will make it far easier for ordinary developers to build extraordinary decentralized applications.

We began by architecting from the ground up an entirely new blockchain framework that’s the first to feature a microservice architecture and which gives it maximum modularity, accessibility, and scalability. The blockchain microservice in the Koinos framework is like a “proto-blockchain.” It’s the world’s simplest blockchain, but it has unlimited potential thanks to a superpower we call “modular upgradeability” which means its basic features can be infinitely expanded entirely through smart contracts that are running in the virtual machine!

By moving practically the entire system out of the blockchain and into smart contract modules, features and bug fixes can be pushed to the network orders of magnitude faster, especially since Koinos smart contracts can also be upgraded without a hard fork! Koinos will take this superpower to a whole other level thanks to incredible multi-language support which means developers will be able to write smart contracts in practically any programming language, including TypeScript.

Evolving Blockchains

All of this means that on Koinos blockchains, even the features that are usually the most difficult to upgrade like the consensus algorithm, resource system, and governance system, can all be upgraded without a hard fork! The modularity and upgradeability at every level means that the system will be able to organically improve itself at a far more rapid RATE than any other blockchain out there, which is why we say that Koinos blockchains are the first to be capable of evolution.

Testnet Features v. Mainnet

One of the ways we’ll be showcasing the innovations in Koinos is how we are choosing to launch this very testnet whose system features will be quite different than those on mainnet. The innovative design of Koinos allows us to give developers exactly what they need to start building their dApps, at the same time that we’re developing the more time consuming features of Koinos mainnet that will ultimately have little impact on an individual application. Launching this way gives developers more time to build their app WHILE providing valuable feedback to ensure that the features we build are actually the features they want!

Thanks to modular upgradeability, we can add each feature to the testnet piecemeal so that developers can digest each one and give informed feedback about the next feature, and the next feature, and the next feature until we have a fully featured mainnet that’s even better than the one we would have developed on our own.

Mainnet dApps

Best of all, this means that by the time mainnet launches, developers will have already built, refined, and tested their applications to work on the very same platform they helped design!

This organic process with built in feedback loops will allow us to launch the mainnet as quickly as possible but also with mature dApps that leverage the free accounts, free transfers, and free smart contracts of Koinos to deliver insanely great user experiences.

NFTs and Fee-less Cryptocurrencies

On Koinos users will be able to create NFTs and even their own fast and fee-less cryptocurrencies in just seconds and without ever spending a dime! Thanks to the incredible upgradeability of Koinos even tokens that begin their life with the simplest of designs can be upgraded to greatness and evolve into something truly transformative.

Run Koinos!

But see for yourself. In keeping with our core value of accessibility, we’ve made it crazy easy to run a node so that no matter your technical expertise in no time you’ll be up and running Koinos. So what are you waiting for? Start running a Koinos node, and be a part of the future, today.

To run run Koinos, go to: https://github.com/koinos/koinos