The Ultimate Layer 1

Koinos Mainnet

Free-to-use, Truly Decentralized, Infinitely Upgradeable

Accessible to Users

The innovative Mana system allows people to use the blockchain without spending, or even holding tokens

Accessible to Developers

Koinos can support practically any Turing complete programming language starting with TypeScript and C++

Accessible Mining

Proof-of-burn doesn’t require expensive hardware or high token staking requirements, so anyone can mine


Truly Decentralized

Proof-of-burn delivers on Satoshi’s vision of a provably egalitarian peer-to-peer digital currency and is even more efficient than proof-of-stake

Infinitely Upgradeable


Everything on Koinos is an upgradeable smart contract which means system components can be upgraded in-band and piecemeal without “Eth 2.0”-style delays