While people were being distracted, once again, by the failure of a centralizedsolution, a totally new blockchain was successfully launched on the auspicious date of November the 5th; Koinos. This blockchain was built by us, Koinos Group, one of the most experienced teams in crypto.

Koinos is designed to spread blockchain to the masses by delivering a truly FREE-TO-USE and truly decentralized general purpose blockchain.

Closed, opaque, and centralized solutions leverage their secrecy and power to extract wealth from the people and then socialize their losses when they inevitably collapse. We built Koinos because we believe that the centralized socio-economic system is broken and that it needs to be more open, transparent, and decentralized. We know that the system won’t just change willingly. That it must be pushed into the future and in order to do that, to exert that level of pressure, what we need is a really big LEVER. As Archimedes said,

“Give me a lever long enough … and I shall move the world.”

Koinos is the longest lever we could imagine, built to move the world in a more open, transparent, and decentralized direction. While we have been inspired by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Anonymous, we are not Satoshi Nakamoto and we are not Anonymous, we are Koinos Group.

Making Magic

The blockchain architects and co-founders of Koinos Group (Michael, Steve and Nathan) deserve immense credit for this incredible feat. These three people didn’t just build an entirely new general purpose main net, they first built an entirely new blockchain framework, from scratch, which is far easier to use and far more open than any other framework. That is nothing short of magic.

Thank You

In our journey to main net we had incredible help from Theoretical, Roamin, Julian, Engrave, Luke, Kui, too many people to list. Everyone building on Koinos is helping make it into the blockchain that will ultimately scale to the masses.

We also couldn’t have done this without the support of our amazing community, friends, family, and spouses. We thank everyone for their support.

Watch the launch: