As an open source project we value openness and transparency which is why I am very excited about today’s announcement. We’ve always wanted to give our community members better insight into the work we’re doing which is why nearly all of our work is already open source and visible on github. But very few people are capable of understanding that work and using that information to make projections about when work will be complete.

That’s why we’re excited to be releasing our burn down chart! While the burn down chart does NOT show you when the mainnet will launch, it does show you all the work that we currently believe is required for completing the mainnet, how much of it has been completed, how much remains to be done, and then projects out into the future based on our past performance.

I say “currently believe” because we could discover additional work that needs to be done in order to ship mainnet. That’s what happened in April which is what caused the lines to jump up. We might also discover there is work that does not need to be done, or we might work much faster than we anticipated in which case that trend line would jump down. As you can see from the blue line being underneath the orange line, we are currently outpacing our projections.

We are also constantly re-evaluating requirements for mainnet. This does not mean cutting features, but some features can be easily added after the release of mainnet. Pushing those issues back frees us up to work on more important features or features that would be much more difficult to change after mainnet launch. The burn down chart currently represents all work previously planned to be completed prior to mainnet, and does not yet reflect the new requirements.

What comes through clearly from the chart is that our engineers have done, and continue to do, an incredible amount of high quality work and we are actively learning from these experiences to improve our planning and our process.

This Sprint

We made great progress this sprint. We did add 8 points of work, but we still completed a whopping 19 points in addition to clearing out some additional bug fix work from the backlog (8 of those points were added and then completed this sprint).

Sprint Summary

Stories Added:

Stories Completed:

Planning Development

The goal with this burn down is to give everyone, including ourselves, a deeper insight to the work we are doing so that they can better plan around Koinos development. It will be updated at the end of every sprint, so anyone who wants to know exactly where development stands need only navigate to this single source of truth.

Sometimes the burn down might not make us look great, for example if we complete fewer than expected story points in a sprint. But being transparent doesn’t mean revealing information only when it makes you look good–precisely the opposite. When this process reveals ways that we can improve our process by exposing our mistakes, that is the process working to make us better at shipping code.

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