Last sprint we announced that proof of burn, mana, and governance were all complete and that we were now primarily working on optimizations and token claiming logic in preparation for a relaunch of the testnet! We also completed 21 points which was twice our target velocity. Of course, the universe being the way it is, it was only natural that we didn’t complete any stories this sprint :(. As you will see when you look at the burn down chart, this means the same number of points are still left to complete.

Like we said when we first announced we would be releasing burn down charts:

Sometimes the burn down might not make us look great, for example if we complete fewer than expected story points in a sprint. But being transparent doesn’t mean revealing information only when it makes you look good–precisely the opposite. When this process reveals ways that we can improve our operations by exposing our mistakes, that is the process working to make us better at shipping code.

Progress on V4

Of course, just because we didn’t complete any stories, doesn’t mean we didn’t make any progress, precisely the opposite. Our optimization pass has successfully put the next version of the testnet at about the same performance level of V3 which is incredibly impressive because V3 doesn’t include either the governance contract or proof of burn. V4 should be just as performant as V3, even though it has more features (and more complex features).

We’ve also made a ton of progress on the token claiming logic, but because we only count story points when they are totally complete, the burn down chart doesn’t tell the whole story, which is precisely why it’s so important to read these updates!

This Sprint

We didn’t complete any points this sprint! Boooo.

Sprint Summary

Stories Added

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Stories Completed:

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The goal with this burn down is to give everyone, including ourselves, a deeper insight to the work we are doing so that they can better plan around Koinos development. It will be updated at the end of every sprint, so anyone who wants to know exactly where development stands need only navigate to this single source of truth.

Thanks to all the work done last sprint, we are actually incredibly close to launching V4 of the testnet! Our goal with V4 is to make this the very last testnet we need to release before mainnet so it’s important we get everything right. The good news is that V3 has performed spectacularly, and we are only making minor “quality of life” alterations so that developers can have the best possible experience using Koinos and the Koinos blockchain framework.

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