Hello Koiners, a lot has happened since our last update while we were heads down building our new product; Koinos Pro.

  • Over 3 million blocks have been produced on Koinos
  • 3 NFT collections have been launched (Koin Press Badges, OG-Rex, KoinDX Support NFTs)
  • Kollection, an NFT marketplace was announced
  • Koinos Address Protocol was announced
  • Fogata burn pool launcher was released and now has 6 pools
  • Koinos 2.0.0 was released which includes improvements to the blockchain framework
  • Koinos Cluster gRPC support is live
  • Koilib was updated with a new “Transaction Class” which is very useful when submitting multiple operations.

Developer Outreach

We have formed a partnership with the blockchain gaming company GameStack which is building a digital distribution/marketing platform and marketplace for in-game assets. It is their intention to leverage Koinos and Koinos Pro to bring legacy Web2 gaming titles to Web3.

Strategic partnerships like these are part of our developer outreach strategy which sidesteps the excessive competition for existing Web3 developers to go directly to the much larger market of Web2 developers.

New Advisor

To help us execute on this strategy we are excited to announce that we have onboarded Hassan Ahmed, Coinbase’s Head of Southeast Asia, as an advisor to the project.

At Koinos Group we have been intensely focused on making rapid progress developing our product; Koinos Pro. The MVP (minimum viable product) of Koinos Pro will be a high availability API for Koinos that will serve as a foundation for what we intend to make the ultimate developer environment for building Web3 apps with a Web2 user experience.

Now that we’ve gotten to focus more of our attention on our product, we’ve had a lot more exciting ideas about how we can provide incredible value to Koinos developers while maximizing growth of the ecosystem. We look forward to telling you more about those ideas in future updates!