We are excited to announce that the KOIN ERC20 snapshot was successfully generated early this morning (October 31st) at 2022–10–31T04:02:23Z (12:02 AM EDT) in preparation for the Koinos main net launch.

You can view the transaction containing the snapshot on Ethereum here: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xf28c62da7a075d42f471527c8305421fba4d964cf3fb9eea0169927b53e9cf03

As we said in our September 8th announcement of the snapshot date:

…[F]ollowing the snapshot, the KOIN ERC20s will become effectively worthless. That’s because the mainnet tokens will give people the Mana they need to banish gas fees to a fiery grave and participate in proof-of-burn consensus.

Uniswap Liquidity

As expected, liquidity providers began withdrawing liquidity from Uniswap in anticipation of the snapshot, with most of the remaining liquidity being withdrawn immediately following the snapshot.

Now that the snapshot has occurred, there is no reason to purchase or trade the KOIN ERC20 which is now just a vestige of the KOIN fair launch. The entire purpose of the decentralized launch of KOIN on Ethereum was to give people a fair way to acquire main net KOIN prior to the release of the main net. Now that the snapshot has been taken, there is no utility to the KOIN token. Any ERC-20 KOIN purchased after the snapshot will not receive any main net tokens because they will not be in the snapshot.

If you purchased tokens before August, you can use the claim tool at claim.koinos.io to test out the claiming process. There is a tutorial available here: https://medium.com/@kuixihe/a-complete-guide-to-claiming-koin-tokens-edd20e7d9c40

Verify Tokens in Snapshot

If you would like to verify that your tokens are included in the snapshot, go to the Koinos ERC-20 Contract here: https://etherscan.io/address/0x66d28cb58487a7609877550e1a34691810a6b9fc#readContract. Click item number 9 (balanceOfAt) and paste the account address you want to verify. Under “snapshotId” type the number “3,” click “Query,” and divide the result by 100 Million to get the amount of $KOIN that you will be eligible to claim on main net.

Next: Mainnet!

Other than testing out the token claiming tool there is not much you can do until the main net is released, but that is coming very soon so be sure to stay up to date on Koinos developments by following @koinosnetwork on twitter, subscribing to the Medium publication, and regularly visiting koinos.io.