The launch of v0.4.0 (V4) of the Koinos testnet (Harbinger) will take place on August 23rd at 1:00 PM EST!

In our last developer update we announced that Koinos is now feature complete which means all of the features that will make it the most accessible blockchain in the world by an order of magnitude will be included in this release!

We’re really excited about this launch which is why we’ll be live-streaming the process in Discord so that people can watch the team in real-time as we launch what should be the final version of Koinos.

A Long Road

Over two years ago we started building Koinos because we believed that blockchain technology could fundamentally improve the lives of every person on Earth by protecting their privacy, security, and freedom, but that in order for it to deliver on that promise it needed a vastly superior user experience than the existing fee-based blockchains offered.

This version of the testnet will contain all of the features we have spent the last two and half years building and deliver on that original promise by bringing to market the world’s first truly free-to-use, truly decentralized, and truly evolving general purpose blockchain (“L1”).

Feature Complete?

Harbinger V4 will be the first, fully functional blockchain ever to use proof-of-burn as a consensus algorithm. It will be the first ever free-to-use blockchain thanks to the Mana system and Mana delegations. And it will be the first ever blockchain capable of evolution because it will have an on-chain decentralized governance system that can add new business logic to the blockchain as smart contracts through in-band upgrades (no “Eth 2.0” hard forks). Any one of these features would be a “killer feature” in any other blockchain, but Koinos combines them to create what we think is the ultimate general purpose blockchain.

To learn more about how Koinos works, check out the new unified whitepaper.

Join the Livestream

These features probably sound too good to be true, so join us in Discord on the 23rd at 1:00 PM EST to watch the livestream as we walk the Koinos community through the launch of this feature complete version of Koinos, how to participate in proof-of-burn consensus, and the token claiming process that they will use to convert their ERC20 KOIN into the real thing!

Be Free!