Truly Decentralized

Koinos is the next evolution of the internet.
Decentralized, free and open to all.


The Framework

Create private, public, or hybrid blockchains customized to the unique needs of your organization


Infinitely Upgradeable

Koinos has FORK-LESS upgrades, no more “Eth 2.0”-style delays

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TypeScript & C++

Koinos can support practically ANY programming language starting with TypeScript and C++

Free NFTs,
Crypto & DAOs

Unlike Ethereum, Solana, and Polkadot
Create and run any kind of smart contract FOR FREE
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Truly Decentralized

Just like Bitcoin

Koinos uses PROOF-OF-BURN which is highly efficient, decentralized, and provably egalitarian


Just like the INTERNET

The Koinos Mana system allows people to use the blockchain without spending, or even holding, ANY tokens

Koinos was conceived, designed and built by developers for developers.

Considering blockchain?

The inventors of Koinos are here to help